'Husk' was one of the 5 sustainable installations at Green Space event, held at Space Furniture on Thursday 12 April 2012. The event was a collaboration with Cubes magazine and Indesignlive.asia.


Taking reference from the Husk Chair for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola, the idea of contrast between textures and surfaces are being extended to the space which surrounds. The Husk chair comprises a molded plastic shell and a series of soft cushions, using both recycled and recyclable materials, as well as components that can be fully disassembled. Similarly, the space comprises of two contrasting surfaces – the sophistication of the highly reflective mirrored container which allows a 360º view of the chair, and a softer, and more ‘earthy’ patchwork of recycled fabrics on one wall. This juxtaposition creates a dialogue between the object and space, with contrasting textures and surfaces that each accentuate that of the other.