House at Belmont Park (2012)

The architectural expressions of the old and the new, the classic and the modern are mediated by the glass bridge, which serves to connect and separate the two parts of the house. Designed by Teh Joo Heng of Teh Joo Heng Architects, the glass bridge is the central figure in the dialogue between the two wings, which plays a pivotal role in establishing the language of things and allows everything else to revolve around. The bridge is conceived to be light in its structural expression but dramatic in its visual expression.  

The design of the interior expresses the unique spatial characteristics of each part of the house by incorporating the spatial and textural expressions of the architecture in the layout, design details, as well as in the selection of finishes and furniture. The reflections produced by the transparent layers of glass provide an interesting multi-dimensional space within, which inspired the exploration of duality and interchangeability between the indoors and outdoors. The superimposition of movement and shadows against the glass allows the interior and exterior spaces to merge and become one. The introduction of the vertical green and the use of subdued landscape lighting play up this connection, as well as elevate the experience as one journeys through the different parts of the house. The use of outdoor furniture indoors further accentuates the notion of interchangeability between the two environments.



Architectural Concept and Design: Teh Joo Heng Architects

Photos © John Heng